I spent last week watching the Democratic convention. I was nervous the first two days, when one lame speaker after another took the podium, people who have no idea how to give a good speech. But hearing from the military people who have lost faith in Bush on the third day was great. And all the prime speeches were very good. Dennis Kucinich riled them up like a righteous lunatic. And if you didn’t hear John Kerry’s surprisingly good speech, here it is:

One thing that always bugs me is that people always say that Obama hasn’t explained what “change” he’s promising and that it’s all been vague promises. What they really mean is that he hasn’t gotten it on TV. He’s had very detailed plans on all the issues for months. I don’t know what people are expecting–a half-hour infomercial for people too lazy to go to his site? He could have spent all his speeches explaining his policies, but I am sure not a word would have made it into the nightly newscasts, because that’s not “news.”

I’ve been trying to understand the details of Obama’s plan, and I like it.
Here’s a great summary of his economic plan.

While they killed several trees trying to sum up Obama’s plan (perhaps a reason why people don’t exactly understand what he’s proposing, McCain’s plan can be summed in five words: “Cut taxes for the rich.”