The news over here is the Mark and Jen had their baby. A healthy boy named Henry Jason arrived Saturday around noon. He is very cute. It was a long and arduous labor, but that part is over. Onto the life-long labor. A labor of love, of course.

On the birth-day, Isabel arrived from Belize at 3:30 in the morning, after a delayed flight. We woke up assuming the baby would have been born, Jen having gone into labor noonish the previous day. So I called my parents and they told us the baby had not been born. Jen had been asked Isa to be on hand for the birth, so we went up to see if we could help. By the time we got there, the baby had been born, and all we could do was offer congratulations and ogle the baby, which we gladly did. I got some juice for Jen while Isabel watched the baby get some shots, and cast its baby-spell on her, of course. We must have babies immediately. I have a feeling that sentiment would be somewhat tempered had we arrived a several hours earlier.

Anyway, what’s the latest? How was the big shindig in Wisconsin? I must be there next time. What’s the news on the Andy/Laura front? Congrats to Andy! Never would have thought they’d pay you to do that shit. There’s no margin in world peace. Is Dwyer truly going to Arizona? Inquiring minds want to know.

As for me, I’m moving to Massachusetts tomorrow. Then moving back later in the day.