First: Welcome to life, Samuel Brix Bond! Kisses and roses for all! Way to go, Carolyn and Eric!


I started my new job yesterday. It’s at a small book publisher for mostly elementary level nonfiction, titles like “Why am I a Bird?” or “The Drug Trade.” It seems like it’ll be a good job, once I figure out what’s going on, what I should be doing every day, and get my commute ironed out. It’s strange to step in to manage people at an unfamiliar place. I felt confident managing people in my last job because I had done the work myself before, so I had an idea of what they were going through. Here, I wonder if they’ll think, what does he know? He hasn’t done this before.

I still miss the old job. I was preparing to go for weeks, but the departure felt abrupt, still scrambling to get stuff done on the last day, knowing that the people I left behind would be scrambling still. They gave me a great sendoff at the end, complete with thoughtful cards, notes, e-cards, and an amazing drawing from one of my favorite editors. Tears were shed. It was a privilege to have an ending like that, especially after just a couple of years there–made me feel like I really did have an impact, accomplished something, not just in whatever textbooks we created, but in creating some positive result for the people I worked with, which is even more gratifying. I hope they know how much I loved working with them, a talented, fun bunch who made me look forward to going into work every day. I will keep my fingers crossed that this job will be a little like that one.