Yes, I think I will. How bout next week. For the move, that is. The baby can wait till October.

We’ve been figuring it out for a while, actually, so sorry for the belated news-dissemination. Much to catch up on. I’ll dedicate this post to the baby. We’re very excited, naturally. Reading lots of book and following his/her growth from the size of a lentil to a bean to a grape to maybe now an apricot. Isa’s been feeling the sickness, but she’s just about out of her first trimester so we’re hopeful she’ll have a few easier months. We had an ultrasound today and saw the baby. He/she actually looks human, which is a good thing. About three inches long. Apparently it’s a healthy baby. She’s due October 15…about a year younger than Griffin, whom we look forward to meeting and introducing as a playmate down the road.

The baby made it easier to decide to move back–we were thinking about it (Isa’s been missing the midwest and I still like it out there), so we decided to do it before the baby comes. She likes her doctor out there more than any out here anyway. It also made it easier to tell family about the move. We’re moving back to Chicago to have a baby is easier than we’re moving back to Chicago because we don’t like it out here.

What else…got a new job, think we have an apartment in Wheaton, and just finished my old job. Also went to Costa Rica. Hopefully I’ll get to write about those things, if anybody still checks this thing.