January 2008

The people across the street moved out. No more scattered kids sitting on the sidewalk, or women yelling at them from the porch. No more heated confrontations between neighbors, or drug busts. Or at least not as many. They had been living there without paying rent for quite a while, it turns out, and they left the front door wide open when they left. The other day a sign was posted on their door stating that the building was condemned. It seems hard to get your building condemned–I wonder what they could have been doing in there.

In other news, my dear sister Liza Lou is leaving for Costa Rica on Sunday. Godspeed, Liz! She’s a little nervous, but I am sure it will be an amazing and unforgettable experience. Based on my rather poor understanding of what she’ll be doing, she will be riding in ambulances doing paramedic-type work. And if that’s not an unforgettable experience, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, the Costa Ricans are going to love Liz, I’m certain. According to my research:

“…the country is a remarkably friendly environment. In the countryside there is always a warm pot of coffee on the wood stove, ready to be served to the unexpected visitor. The people are polite, curious, and inclined to smile. The tourism of the last decade has brought with it an assortment of con-artists, hustlers, and entrepreneurs, but nonetheless almost all travelers are made to feel welcome.” –(http://www.worldheadquarters.com/cr/people/)

So watch out for the hustlers, keep up your nice, even personality, and you’ll be just fine. And send us your blog information so we can keep tabs on you.


Had a great time at the Bonds’. Deepest thanks to one and all. Their hospitality is without peer–gathering friends, building the bonfire, setting up entertainment, providing a spread for both nighttime snacks and breakfast. Thank you.

The much-anticipated reunion with Andy and Laura was the highlight of course. After three years I was nervous, but that dissolved in a second or two, and we were just as always. They seemed happy, and it was great to hear some of the Africa stories first-hand. And great to have Isabel finally meet them, and vice versa. I am hopeful that we will get to see them out in D.C. before too long of a delay.

Saw Evan and Heather too. (Andy was imploring Evan to visit the blogosphere; are you out there?) Gus was looking good, and Heather is expecting another before too long. In the morning Rob Spencer came over; we hadn’t seen him in nearly a decade, and he and his wife seemed well. They’re teachers out in Colorado. And talked to Cindy, who is going to Italy with Sergio for a year. Congrats! I will be eager to hear more about it.

The Bond family, also great. Will and Maggie are always stars of the show. Will was doing his Star Wars reenactments for us all, quite impressively. Steve wasn’t quite as cute, but fun to hang out with nonetheless. Dave and Kathy were showing us the DVD they created for their church as an example of what we could create for the business.

Thanks again to all. Great to renew friendships. Being a good friend is my new year’s resolution. Thanks for all your interest on the business, and hope we didn’t talk it to death.

So what are everyone’s resolutions for 2008? Or are resolutions for losers?