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I cut off Chris Kattan yesterday. Then, I think, I diminished his career.

We were on our way home from Christmas shopping at the outlets. Isa wanted to rent a movie, so we pulled in to Blockbuster. Walking to the door, I brushed past the man, not quite looking back as he slowed to let me by.

“Thanks,” Isa told him on my behalf. I held open the door a bit behind me to excuse the slight.

Inside, we headed for the new releases section, looking for The Sopranos, Season Six, Part II, disc 1. It wasn’t on the shelf, so Isa went to see if they had it at the counter. While she inquired, I searched for The Year Without a Santa Claus in the Family section. Isa’s been waxing nostalgically about it for years, fondly recalling the antics of the film’s villain, the Heat Miser. It wasn’t there, so I went back to find Isa.

“Season Six, Part 1,” she was saying to the clerk. “No, it’s Season Six, Part II, disc 1,” I corrected. Checked out, the woman confirmed. “Then, do you have The Year Without a Santa Claus?” I asked. “I found the case over there, but there’s nothing behind it.” The clerk asked me to bring it up, so I dutifully returned to the family section to retrieve the case. The man in line next to us was staring at me. The clerk looked my case over, scanned it into the computer, and concluded that The Year Without a Santa Claus was out too.

When the man beside us left the store, Isa turned to the clerk. “That was the guy from…what was he in?” she asked. The clerk rattled off a few names: A Night at the Roxbury, Corky Romano.

“Wait, who was it?” I asked.

“It was that guy from Saturday Night Live,” Isa said.

“Which guy?”

“That guy next to us.”

“Yeah, but who is he?”

“The guy from Saturday Night Live!”

Which guy from Saturday Night Live?” I asked.

The clerk helped us. The man was Chris Kattan. He was filming a movie in Rhode Island.

“Ohh…” I said.

We chuckled on the way home. I wondered why he had been staring at me. Must have been because I cut him off at the way in, I figured.

Today I looked him up online to see what movie he was filming. It’s something called Tanner Hall, formerly a pilot for UPN. Then I scrolled through some of his recent movies. One was The Year Without a Santa Claus (2006), in which Kattan plays the role of Sparky, the manipulative elf. I had no idea it had been remade. I guess that was why he was staring at me.