After reading Dwyer’s spot-on analysis of football and by the Pats, I feel emboldened to write more about sports. Plus, Nate is into sports, so that’s one more person who will be interested.

So today the Pats and Colts are playing the game of the century. Or the game of the century of the week. I think all the negative hype around the Pats is getting to me, making it less fun to root for them. I loved rooting when they were doing it with smoke and mirrors, when the other teams had all the flashy players and you couldn’t quite figure  out how they were doing it. Now we’re the bullies, the team that everyone hates. It’s the coach who cheats, who pushes cameramen and runs up the score, against the classy coach who is nice to everyone and whose son committed suicide, so we have to be nice to him.

We already had the story where the Pats were the good guys. The scrappy underdogs won, won again, and became the champ. We don’t really need the same movie again–it’s like the endless parade of Rocky movies. Maybe a movie where Rocky is suddenly the bad guy would be more interesting than seeing him be the underdog for the 8 millionth time. It’ll never be as good as Rocky 1, but it’s something. Same thing with the Red Sox. 86 years as the “underdogs”, and now they’re the ones with all the advantages. New story line needed.

Maybe the best thing to do is to focus on the game, which works too. But it really only works if it’s a good game. The World Series wasn’t much of a contest, and the Pats games have all been blowouts. So it’s down to appreciating greatness (see Dwyer’s entry). But greatness doesn’t seem so great unless it’s challenged.

These are all minor quibbles, since Boston is suddenly the master of all sports. It’s like a millionaire singing the blues. And after having the greatest sports stories ever (Pats ’01, Sox ’04), there’s nowhere else to go but inferior sequels.

And for the non-sports fans, I hope you saw the latest SNL song a few weeks back. Fantastic: