Hi everybody.

Congrats once again to Nate and Lisa. Can’t wait to meet Mr. Griffin. (Isn’t there a book about him? Is he named after the character?)

Halloween’s tomorrow. Everyone get ready! For a Halloween party the other day I was a brain-eating amoeba. Naegleria Fowleri, to be exact. Unfortunately anoebas don’t have many organelles, so I had to expand on it a bit. The brains tasted good, however: strawberry kiwi flavor.

The Red Sox won the world series. That was cool. I’m sure it was completely uninteresting to anyone outside Boston. They were a fun team to watch, and Isa got into it too. The parade was today, so I’ve been watching the videos at different times during work. I like a team that knows how to have fun. Between Papelbon’s dance routines and Big Papi being himself, it’s fun to watch. And Manny was quite sage when he said that if you lose, who cares? I couldn’t agree more. I aspire to be like Manny. Do your damnedest to succeed, and if you don’t, just move on. I suppose it can make you a bit lackadaisical at times, as Manny is, but taking everything seriously doesn’t always put you at your best either.

Work has been slow. I’ve resorted to writing stories that I don’t know we’ll actually use, but at least it’s doing something. Apparently the industry is in a “wait and see” mode.

Movies I’ve seen recently: After Life, a fine film about what happens after you die: you go to this estate where other dead people have, and you are interviewed by the staff, who ask you what one memory you would like to bring with you to the next life. Then they create a film of the scene and you go into the afterlife with just that memory. Made me think about what my moment would be, and it’s not an easy choice. I would probably try to cheat and choose a moment when I was recalling other moments of my life, so that I would have more memories. Or, maybe I would choose a great party where I was with lots of people I liked. It would probably get lonely and boring watching a perfect sunset for eternity.

I wasn’t too crazy about Pan’s Labyrinth, though apparently I am in a tiny minority. It got the highest rating ever on “Metacritic.”