September 2007

Social conscience:

People should recycle more. Global warming’s for real. Except for global dimming, which is the fact that the greenhouse gases also dim the sun on the way in, in addition to trapping it on the way out. We should also have universal health care, so I don’t have to Cobra anymore. Get this: the Massachusetts universal health care plan requires Massachusetts residents to get health care, and requires all employers to make it available through a state program. So my employer, who has been talking about health insurance for years, fulfills its obligation. Only problem is, I live in Rhode Island, so I’m not eligible. What gives?


I saw two of Hillary’s five appearances on the Sunday talk shows. The guy on Fox news started out with something like, “Hillary, why  do you hate America?” She burst into an over-exuberant laugh, but was generally pretty composed facing a guy who has it out for her.


Isa and I went to Aruba last week. Or the week before, I guess, and came back last week. A grand time was had by all. I remember when I was a kid and we used to go next door to my neighbor’s pool, I would fantasize about laying out on the floating chair with the drink holder and drifting forever. Last week I got to fulfill that fantasy. Isa’s parents have not one but three floating chairs, and we could float around their pool for as long as we wanted. Drift to one end of the pool, push off with your foot and drift to the other end. And read a book, sip your drink, stare off at the palm trees, watch the little iguanas running around.

I didn’t make too many plans, because I know we’ll be back, what with her parents having a place there and all. It’s not a huge island anyway, and most of what you do involves beaches and water. Besides swimming around the pool, we went snorkeling a few times, gambled (penny slots primarily, and a little time at the blackjack table), walked around town (tourist-infested), ate out, and drove around the island, a desert landscape that offered sights such as a natural bridge, partially collapsed, rock formations with indian drawing, ruins of an old fort (I think), an ostrich farm, donkey sanctuary, chickens running around, even a few hippos! Well, no hippos, but the rest.

I would include some pictures, but the camera is on the fritz.

Also, one day we went on an organized trip out to a shipwreck of the Antilla, a German ship that was sunk back in the 30s. Quite eerie, all covered with coral, fish swimming in and out. And on the last day I went windsurfing. And every day, drank a lot.