Current events in the life of Dave:

Isa and I spent much of the day hanging out at a coffee shop. I was writing out the story of the pregnancy and birth of Jen and Mark’s baby Henry. This will be the first sample story for the new business. We also got incorporation papers for to make us an S Corp, whatever that means. And one of the papers gives us each 5,000 one-cent shares in the business.

So who’s ready to be the next customer? Anybody looking to blow a grand or two on a tribute to their loved ones, or their life story, or the story of a special time in their lives? All in a beautiful cloth-bound book, or an attractive frame, depending? Along with, potentially, an audio recording of the interview? It’s the Gift of a Lifetime ™.

I’m reminded suddenly that I never got back in touch with Auggy Doggy’s brother Bill, who wanted to write a book with me. Of course it’s kind of a silly idea, since I would really have to be the one writing the book, even though he imagines he would be writing it. Maybe it could be done, but I’m pretty booked up with this business stuff.

Which reminds me that I’m horrendous at returning calls, or making them for that matters. Isa said to me today, Don’t you ever feel like you spend half your life playing phone tag? And I thought, no, because I don’t call people, and I don’t call people back. Nate, sorry I never called you back a few dozen times. (But I agree with your point that it doesn’t necessarily benefit you to be even-keel.) I’ve been wanting to call Andy and Laura for months and months and just don’t do it. You guys are probably focused on getting to DC at this point, so maybe we can catch up to you properly, and you can meet Isa, when you’re settled out there? And I used to talk to Jason, but that hasn’t happened in ages.

In other news, we became Godparents last weekend, to the aforementioned Son of Mark and Jen, Henry. This involved standing by while his head was soaked with water and anointed with oil, and later blessing his forehead and standing beside him with a candle. Henry didn’t seem to mind it too much. Later my parents hosted a good party involving bean bag games and many appetizers.

Tonight we watched the movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence,” which was decent, and the bonus features to the second season of Deadwood, which concluded in our home last night. The writer of the show reminded me of Nate in his, ahem, self-confidence.

So there! Material to consider! How do you feel about Deadwood, or Godparenthood, or our business plan, or my lack of calling people back? All fascinating topics, to be sure.