Hi there. This was a pretty lazy weekend for me. I was feeling sick today, weak, slight chills with my hands all tingly, so I wound up on the couch all day. Does that sound like slightly strange symptoms? Probably not enough food or water or something. I’m feeling a bit better now.

I feel pretty self-absorbed talking about my own ailment when Isabel’s tending to a friend in the hospital who has a ‘very serious’ illness that the doctor’s haven’t diagnosed, possibly Hepatitis. They want to send her home without having diagnosed it, so that’s usually not good.

I sometimes have to remind myself that life is not ‘generally good’, even though I have been happy. It’s a sappy thing to say you’re lucky, but true. You just happen to be floating on the positive side of life right now, thinking that ‘life is generally good’, but at any moment things could switch and you’ll wind up with the view that the world is a cold, hard place. I have managed to stay clear of serious pain in my life, but you never want to forget that it would be lurking right around the corner.

On the lighter side, I saw the Simpons movie. Wasn’t really planning on it, but it seemed the thing to do Saturday afternoon. Enjoyable and forgettable. About as good as 3 above-average episodes. A few memorable moments, I guess, and in no way a waste of time. Kind of a disappointment considering how long they’ve been talking about it, I guess.