So, now that the stakes are raised, what can I do to get you to keep coming to my site? Well…you like babies, right? And other small children? Well, then how about this guy?

That’s Bram, spinning a ball in a birdbath. Makes you long for the days when you spun balls in birdbaths, doesn’t it? That was at my grandparents’ house, earlier this summer. Bram just turned two. He likes to walk around and pout. He cried a lot when his dad took him to Maine.

Then there’s Richard, Bram’s older bro. He takes care of Bram. If Bram’s ever unsecurely fastened to his Dad’s back, Richard’s there, screeching for him to stop. Richard likes to draw, play his mini-piano, and go to Storyland.

But the most impressive young person of the summer had to be Mr. William. He was, after all, able to sing the Star Wars theme, and into a fan nonetheless. Here he is, with a fan-altered rendition of an old classic.