I like your blogs, pappazon and jerkface. Guess I’ll have to start writing things worth reading if I want people to visit me over here. Which was probably why I started doing this thing anyway. I forget.

So Isa is all done with her job at Earthwatch, if I haven’t mentioned, and is going full speed ahead with the business venture. Unfortunately we don’t have any money for it, but we’ll figure something out, I hope. It’s this personal history type of thing. You give us somebody whose story needs to be told, and we’ll tell it. Tributes, life histories, vignettes of a specific time in life, you name it.

So far it’s been lots of logistical work, like talking to lawyers and tracking down website designers, and figuring out what the products would be and how much they’d cost. By the way, does anyone know a really cheap attorney familiar with waivers and trademarks and other business-related stuff? How about a good web designer that makes really sleek sites? How about investors with a little seed money?

Anyway, my main job is organizing the demos–interview various relatives and turn them into the books or framed pages for samples.

What else? The I on my keyboard went dead, so Isa bought a new keyboard at Staples that she plugged into the laptop. It works pretty well so far. The loss of the “I” became symbolic when we went on a family visit to Maine this past weekend, where my aunt and uncle have a place, and the madhouse of Andrewses made Isa feel as if her identity had been subsumed. I told her it has–there is no I in famly. We did get to have some fun kayaking, though we got rained on and missed our docking point, and had to hoist our kayaks up a muddy embankment. We did see some bald eagles flying, which led to some rousing renditions of “Let the Eagle Soar.”