So, the consensus seems to be building that we should be getting out of Iraq 
(welcome, New York Times and more Republican senators). I imagine that most of you agree that we should somehow get out. So what do we do? Do we want to just withdraw everyone? Do we keep some troops in as advisors/sitting ducks? Do we somehow follow the Democratic “pull and strike” proposal where you have troops at the ready to send in airstrikes or troops if you see Al Qaeda people running around?

I can’t think of a scenario where we’re doing more than being a power broker in the civil war that is likely to resume. And then, when the civil war’s over, we can go back to the role we had when saddam was in power, with terrorist camps replacing nuclear weapons as the paranoia du jour. Air strikes, empty threats, and generally wondering what is going on over there.

So what’s your plan? What’s the most likely result? And what’s the worst-case scenario?