What was I going to do with my life again? I knew I had an  idea around here somewhere. Maybe it was to be a project manager at a textbook developer. Create a product that is rushed to the printer on a shoestring budget, making people’s lives miserable for a few months while creating a product that’s inferior to what was done a few years ago. 

 At least I’m getting management experience, I suppose. Doing things like telling people to work faster, get more done without working overtime, because we don’t have the budget for it.

I’m back to my fighting weight, anyway. I weighed within ten pounds of the same weight from high school until a couple of years ago. Then I put on about 15 pounds, leading me to worry that I would grow heavy in middle age. Now I’m back to where I was. I guess that’s what happens when you spend all day running around the office and stop taking lunch.

I used to like this job. Hopefully it will go back to being likeable. Otherwise it will be on to plan B, whatever that is. Getting an advance on my first novel?