I don’t know where I last heard someone talk about the slippery slope. I think it was to do with civil liberties. The guy on the radio was saying, you might not mind this liberty being taken away, but before you know it the next one is taken away, and so on until we’re all sitting in a prison…or maybe it’s, don’t relax your standards of decency today, because they could get even more relaxed tomorrow.

I don’t get this slippery slope idea. When does the slope become “slippery”? Is there some mechanism that forces you to continue down a path against your will once you’ve taken the first step? As far as I can tell, you pretty much walk right down the slope. Is it an assumption that you have better judgment today than you will tomorrow, that you have to protect yourself against your future judgments? Today, maybe I think it’s okay for the government to tap our phones. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll think it’s okay to bust in without a warrant. I may not agree with that now, but I’ll trust myself to make the decision that seems best when the times comes.