Just kidding, you’re awesome.

Does anybody watch those special features on DVDs (I just saw one for “Sybil”) that talk about how a movie was cast and that sort of thing? It’s always, “There was only one person left to audition, and it was some homeless dude off the street, and we wanted to have him in for a laugh, but the minute we saw him we knew that it would be impossible to ever cast anyone else in the role…” Like everyone who ever winds up in a movie was the perfect choice, and everything was destiny. You never hear them say, yeah, he did okay, we couldn’t find anyone better, he was miscast but we could cover up his deficiencies.

Do movie types really  buy into their own mythology, or do they just propagate it for the masses? Or is it just the perfect casting choices that make it to the DVD? Or the movies with perfect casting choices that get this particular special feature?

It’s a fascinating question…which brings up a related, and equally banal, point. It seems like people pat themselves on the back quite a bit in show biz, like on talk radio, when they ask a question, and then say, “it’s a fascinating question.” You shouldn’t be allowed to say that about your own questions.

I spend two hours a day listening to the radio. I gotta get back to books on tape, or get something new on my iPod.