Okay, did everybody go away and find new blogs to look at? I hope not…cause I want you all to read this site and this site alone, even when there’s nothing on for weeks.

What’s been happening? I was part of this 48 hour film festival this past weekend, where groups of people get together to make a movie. One of Isa’s coworkers was fielding a team, so I decided to be in it. I was a drunken leprechaun. It was a story about santa and the easter bunny at a college reunion, and how santa went all hollywood, so the easter bunny got mad, until they remembered back to the good times. Top-notch stuff. They’ll be showing all the movies in a week or two.

Went out to the Ivy Tavern for a bite to eat tonight. It’s a cute little place for sandwiches and drinks, reminds me of the Hopleaf, only less interesting. We eat out far more than we should. Especially now that we’re looking at houses, and Isa’s been thinking about leaving her job. Actually they’ve been laying everybody off over there. Don’t know how we’ll keep up this lavish lifestyle.

I don’t feel quite prepared for the whole house-buying thing. Maybe it’s fear of commitment, or maybe it’s just the fact that owning property is not something that has great appeal for me. Maybe if it was a really interesting place, and it didn’t take any work to upkeep, and I got a great deal, I would be more excited.

For now, I can’t seem to get beyond the reading housing bubble blogs stage, where I go trolling for news about whether prices are going down in Boston, and estimates of how far down they’ll go. My favorites are calculatedrisk and thehousingbubbleblog.com. I don’t know if I’m waiting for a bargain, or looking for excuses not to have to commit. Maybe both. Or maybe I just like feeling like I’m smarter than everyone, as if the reason I rent an apartment is that I knew housing prices would crash.

Anyway, I’m tired. I’m going to bed.