Stop complaining, you might say.

Okay, then, how about some show and tell.

my street

Here’s my street. Our apartment is on the right, third floor. We’re at the top of a hill. You can look out over the cemetery from our window and watch the sunset.

hope street

Here’s Hope Street, the little downtown area that we walk to. It has a few restaurants, coffee shops, a pizza place, and a store full of oddities called “Frog and Toad.” I like to hang out at the coffee shop, called Cafe 729 (after 729 Hope St.), which is off in the distance in this photo.

And here is Isabel, on our honeymoon, for those who haven’t met her. Hanging out in Papeete, Tahiti, which is a kinda cool place.

Isa 2

So now when I say, “Isa and I went to Hope Street Pizza today,” you will have some vague image in your head.