My sister in law Jen and brother Mark and probably having their baby right now. Exciting stuff… it will be interesting to see how Mark responds to fatherhood. So far so good, as an expectant parent. He seems to be responsible, to play the role well.

It was a rather dreary week. Isabel was away in Belize all week, and the rain wouldn’t stop. I worked late most days, didn’t do much productive. Saw Brianne and Ken at Panera Bread yesterday, two friends who have since left Chrysalis. That was good. But there was nothing going on tonight, one of the few times work people didn’t go out, so I was just bumming around the house a bit.

Things are a little better at work, slightly calmer and more positive. It won’t last, I imagine. I think I have to wrest control of my life back from the job. I want my brain back. It was co-opted by work. I need to be able to daydream in order to function, to at least imagine that I am meant for better things. Perhaps even to do those better things. What’s so good about being a manager?

Anyway, if it is to be, it is up to me, right? I need to figure out exactly what I want and articulate it. And then go for it. But haven’t I heard that one before?