Ready to put that topic to bed, but… first, I think the Imus thing was compounded by the victims, whom I hadn’t given much thought to, who were young women, innocent victims, and a good story themselves. It would be different I think if you were saying those things about someone you knew.

Second, I wonder where Ali G and Borat fit into the equation, and whether they move the needle in terms of what’s acceptable for a white person to say. I saw Borat and thought it was quite funny. There was a scene where he was adopting the language of some black guys he met, and tried to use it at a 5 star hotel (he wanted a room for “2 pimps, no ho’s”). I wonder if comedy like that can take some of the charge out of offensive words or if it makes things worse. In the end I think the battle against language is just a proxy for the the real battle against feelings of racism, which can’t be fought directly. The better way to fight it is to have more integration, people of different races get to know one another, so you understand how a black person feels when you say something insensitive, and you have actual friends who come to mind when you start thinking about ‘black people’ or whatever group you’re thinking about. But this adversarial relationship of outrage and protests is not going to get us as far as we need to go in the direction of racial harmony.

Also, I was so worried after the last post that people would think I’m racist and think of me differently forever more. That’s one thing that bothers me about the current climate. So many people say what they think people want to hear because they’re afraid of being branded. Even if it’s a good thing to avoid hurtful words, it doesn’t seem healthy as a society to be afraid of open discussion (not that there wasn’t plenty of open discussion about this stuff on the airwaves). So I’m glad I said what I thought. And I’m glad you said what you thought. And now we can talk more about birds or Springsteen or whatever.

Yesterday Isa and I and a couple of our friends went to Dave and Buster’s. I thought I remembered it costing like 2 bucks per game for a five minute game, but it wasn’t that bad. We got to shoot em up for a good while with our 20 bucks. The one game I didn’t like was this one realistic hunting game where I kept shooting the bear cub, which wasn’t allowed, so I lost after shooting it 3 times.

I bought a couple movies at blockbuster, who was selling VHS for a buck each. It turned out that 2 of the 3 movies were gay themed. This movie “The 24th Day” seemed like it was made in the 80s even though it’s just a few years old, and it played out like an after school special about the dangers of unprotected sex and getting AIDS, but despite all that it was actually a very good movie, good dialogue and suspense.

Is that interesting enough to talk about? Probably not. Kurt Vonnegut died, but I never cared much about him. I started Cat’s Cradle and Breakfast of Champions, but they seemed too razzle-dazzle for me to get into.