Sorry, I’m a busy man, can’t be fiddling around with all these sily blogs all the time.

But my good friend and esteemed colleague, Brianne ( 8) ), who will be leaving the company next week for greener pastures in some undetermined location, perhaps Chile, suggested the following post,  so she could rebut it:

What’s the deal with this whole “buy locally” phenomenon among the eco-crowd? I understand that it may save gas to not have to transport the food from Costa Rica, and the food may be a bit fresher, but don’t the Costa Rican farmers need our business at least as much, probably more, than the New England farmers do? Do we have to choose between globalization and ignoring the rest of the world?

If so,  I’d choose globalization. To me, the thing to do is allow globalization, and then push to improve the conditions the corporations set in those countries where they produce their products. Getting the corporations not to do business in the third world doesn’t seem to benefit the third world, as far as I can tell.

Another reason I probably don’t believe in buying locally is that I don’t care about local people any more than I care about people across the world. I’d rather give my money to whoever’s hungriest.