So they made me a manager at work today. Hooray. I imagine it will soon be a case of careful what you wish for. I get my own office, apart from everyone else. As my mother in law said, I’m one of the bad guys. But no, I pledge to be one of the good guys, fighting the good fight on everyone’s behalf. Only there aren’t as many people to blame if something goes wrong, or doesn’t change for the better. I like going around and checking on people, and coming up with ways to make things go smoothly. Also, I will have a window, which will make my plants happy. My orchid apparently doesn’t care…it’s doing just fine with no care whatsoever.

What else? Isabel’s been sick with this crazy coughy cold. Her boss made her go to D.C. anyway, to this National Geographic conference, so she could barely hear by the time she got off the plane. I’m taking all the Vitamin-C hoax pills I can find to ward it off. Maybe if I have 100 times the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, I will be invincible. Maybe even fly.

By the way, has everyone been keeping up with the latest works of the commonwealth bricoleurs?