My job kind of blew up this week. I came in Monday and the boss put me in charge of everyone, told me to find a way to meet the deadline. It’s exciting to be in such high demand, everyone needing you. I feel so special. I also spend all my waking hours with work on my mind, trying to think out how everything’s going to get finished in time.

I want to be in charge of everyone, but I also want everyone to like me. Is it possible to do both?

What else is going on? I finished my acting class this week. Apparently I was really amazing in my final scene. Next stop Hollywood. I do think I’ll take the next one. The teacher is really good, fun to learn from.

I think it’s a good class for me, beyond the craft of acting. Good for my goal of being active in life. For committing to the part. One of the things the teacher, Fred, drives home is that too many beginning actors hold back, underact, shrug a lot, because it seems more natural or realistic. But really it can be a lack of commitment. It’s riskier to show strong emotions, to reveal how the character really feels, but it can be more rewarding for the audience, and ultimately for the actor.

So it seems that acting’s a perfect way to exercise your personality, your willingness to commit to life, to being unafraid to take chances, show who you really are. To stop being so “shruggy”. That’s what I am too much in life, shruggy. Holding my cards close to my chest, waiting to show how I feel until there is absolutely no risk to it at all.

I hope these things you try out on stage can actually be applied to real life. It’s a good way of thinking about things in any case.