So here we are. Or here I am. But then again, isn’t writing talking to yourself anyway? You never know if anyone’s going to read it. Heck, you might just curl the paper up into a ball, or delete the link before anyone knows about it. But I didn’t, and here you are. I hope you like it. I hope you find reasons to come back. I know it won’t be due to the too-cool layout style I chose. Maybe I’ll change it every day, until I find something that feels right. (Update: Since writing this, I’ve already changed it to something much less cool, the view out my kitchen window.)

This is easier to use than Diaryland. I could just hit the italics button and the thing got italicized. Apparently I could put my picture up if I wanted to, and you can leave your comments (please do!) But I hope to maintain Diaryland in some form, if only because it has a whole mess of old postings I hold dear, and I wouldn’t want them to disappear from inactivity. (If you don’t know my diaryland site, it’s

Anyway, what’s the big idea, what’s the goal? Not sure exactly, except to express myself. Maybe there will be some themes that come out of this, such as politics or stories, but mostly just my ongoing journal, an impetus to write, and more importantly, an impetus to live a life worth writing about, if a blog could possibly have such a noble purpose. And to make people love me, which is of course the purpose of all my writing.

So, take a look around if you like, see if I’ve updated my profile, or something. Do you know me? Name’s Dave, married, 30, live in Providence, formerly of Chicago and elsewhere, writer, editor, work in Natick, MA as a textbook editor, introvert, sometimes loner, happy most days, like to travel, love my wife, miss my friends, attempting to foster new friendships, existentialist, lacking in faith, avoiding conflict, leaning left, loving ideas, plaintive music, pathetic characters, bargains, spring days, laying out in the park, sitting in coffee shops, people watching, writing in my new blog, getting comments.